Discover the dynamic and brightly colored universe of Maliki, a firmly manga-style graphic novel series about the everyday life and struggles of a young girl with a bubbly personality.

She came to life on paper in 1995, and hit the web in 2004; Maliki tries to give the impression that she's both actress and author of her stories simultaneously. But the truth is out: The young, pink-haired girl with pointy ears and a cat-like metaphysical double to boot was actually created by Souillon! In her stories, Maliki goes to great lengths to pass off this authentic artist as a mere flunky.

But, for the young girl, things aren't all as rosy as her hair, as volume 1 of Souillon's first novel shows, which covers the beauty's teen years and lets you discover her unique quirks. There's also the darker Hello Fucktopia, in which an mature audience is invited to share in Maliki's arrival and early days in Paris, between hopes and disappointments.