Without doubt the most explosive and offbeat collection from Ankama Editions!

Label 619 brings together a selection of inspired and atypical graphic novels and books without any restrictions on format or style.

Full of pop and trash culture, its editorial line is recognizable from its distinct identity, but also from its willingness to offer original universes with exploitation in all forms as the theme.

The result is explosive: A true dive into urban cultures, Label 619's books dare venture onto the wild side.

Far outside the widespread conformism, RUN, the author of Mutafukaz and head of the label, finds new authors who have personal, unique universes, as seen in the original DoggyBags trailer, which reaches its 13th volume this year.

Label 619, is :

  •          an entertaining, uncompromising, in-your-face mindset;
  •          free rein and no taboos given to talented young people;
  •          an exploration of new forms of graphic expression.

« Label 619's authors express themselves in our books like graffiti artists do on buildings. », RUN

The success of Mutafukaz led to a screen adaptation set for movie theaters in 2017. Watch the trailer for this feature film.

Trailer Film Mutafukaz

Trailer DoggyBags 1