In the Outerworld, an area outside of time, the Demons of the Hours are bored. To have a bit of fun, they get the idea of organizing fights in an arena between the most skilled warriors in the Krosmoz (the DOFUS and WAKFU universe), where they'll be the only ones to set the rules.

Dive into the universe of Krosmaster, the tactical and strategic board game, and discover hundreds of heroes with specific characteristics ready to join your team. A team that you can represent in tournaments, national championships, and a world championship!

Krosmaster is a range of board games accompanied by figurines, offering many fun possibilities: You can opt for confrontation with Krosmaster Arena, prove you're a fine tactician, and become the sole master of the Krosmoz

You can also choose to live epic adventures in Krosmaster Quest by cooperating with your friends to triumph together. Finally, you can grab Krosmaster Junior for some family fun.

All Krosmaster figurines are compatible with all the games in the range, and have their virtual twins in the online version.