With cats like Fleya and Fëanor, or Lady and Flèche, tie-in merchandise is certainly (electro) cute! How long will you be able to resist their cute eyes?

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    About Maliki

    After her creation on a sheet of graph paper in 1995, Maliki grew up on the web. This young girl with a bubbly personality is full of surprises: Her adventures are constantly swinging between gags, drama… and the supernatural. Caught between sugar-coated dreams and serious traumas, she talks to us about her childhood, the irony of reality, but also – and above all – about her cats and their different personalities, their "doubles". Started as a graphic novel, Maliki's story continues with her teenage years in novel format. The young girl is also the heroine of an artbook.

    About Souillon

    While playing a "little game" that hadn't been out for long, DOFUS, Souillon, a blogger, was contacted in the game by a character behind whom Anthony Roux – the creative director of Ankama – was hidden. He was invited to join the company, which published the (almost) anonymous author's Maliki graphic novels, which have been met with unwavering success.

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