How do you do a no-fee installment plan with PayPal? 

  1. In the payment method selection step, select PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you'll need to create one. 
  2. Select the option to pay in installments. If your account is eligible, it will automatically appear. 
  3. Follow the instructions and complete your payment. 


What is the minimum purchase for a no-fee installment plan? 

For French residents, this service is available, subject to approval by PayPal, for any purchase starting at €30 and up to €2000. Minimum and maximum amounts may vary for other countries that are eligible for this service. 


Who is eligible to pay in installments with no fees? 

  1. Installment plans are available for individuals aged 18 and up with a personal PayPal account on which they are registered as a French resident.
  2. Residents outside France are eligible if their country qualifies for this service, subject to PayPal's eligibility requirements for each country.


PayPal bases their decision to grant or deny no-fee payment plans on your financial standing as well as the installment amounts. It is therefore possible for a request to be rejected by PayPal.


What installment plans are offered? 

  1. For French residents: no-fee plan in four installments. The first payment will be debited when the purchase is made, followed by monthly installments over the next three months. 
  2. For residents outside France: installment plans may vary by country, depending on applicable laws and PayPal's terms for the country in question. 


I can't seem to pay using a no-fee installment plan; what should I do?  

If your purchase doesn't go through, first make sure you're actually eligible for a no-fee installment plan with PayPal. (See conditions above.) 

If everything is in order but your payment still isn't working, try completing the purchase on a different browser. 

If the problem continues, please contact PayPal's customer service. 

If you're a French resident, you can also contact PayPal's customer service by phone at 0800 942 890. 


NOTE: The no-fee installment payment method is independent from AKM Distribution. AKM Distribution is in no way responsible for a payment plan request being denied. This service is entirely managed by PayPal. Any links on directing to PayPal help pages are provided for information. AKM Distribution has no control over these sites and therefore cannot be held responsible for their content or availability.


A loan is a commitment and must be repaid.

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