• Decidedly, the Ankamaverse is everywhere! Ankama's universes follow you wherever you go – even as far as your mouse, keyboard, smartphone and tablet! Come on, admit it! That's just the way you like it…

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    About Our Games and Goodies

    Our games and goodies are collectibles inspired by our universes: DOFUS, WAKFU, and Krosmaster in the Krosmoz; Maliki, Mutafukaz, and City Hall in graphic novels; and Le Visiteur du Futur.
    Other tie-in merchandise is also available in our shop, such as adorable Bow Meow items and school supplies.
    Find your next little treat and our gift ideas in the Ankama Shop: T-shirts, CDs, stuffed toys, figurines, board games, mugs, packs, backpacks, and DVDs. Buy whatever you like!

    About Our Developers, Designers, and Creators

    Our board game and tie-in merchandise creators work mainly at Ankama on behalf of Ankama Products and Ankama Boardgames. They are part of the same creative pool as the illustrators, computer graphics designers, writers, animators, graphic designers, developers, game designers, and artists involved in creating our video games, graphic novels, manga, films, and animated series. Find everything that tickles your fancy in our shop!

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