How can I be sure I will receive my order?

We are authorized to perform mail order sales. We do not use a subcontractor. Our logistics department is responsible for preparing your order, as well as submitting your package to the postal service.

Which currency should I use to pay for my order?

Whatever the country of delivery or invoicing, orders are invoiced and payable in euros.

Is it safe to pay by bank card on your website?

All bank card payments made on our website are processed on our payment providers' secure servers. In addition, these transactions are confidential; we do not have access to your bank details.

When will I receive my order?

It all depends on your geographical location and the selected mode of transport. We estimate that your order should reach you within two weeks of your payment being received.

What happens when I place an order for a pre-order item?

In the event that items are pre-ordered on the Website, the entire order will be held until the item(s) become available. In the event that an order includes one (or more) pre-ordered item(s) and one (or more) item(s) already available on the Website, the entire order will be put on hold and will not be shipped until all of the items are available. If You want to receive the available product(s) immediately, You must place two separate orders on the Website.

What should I do if I do not receive my order within the scheduled period?

If it has been more than two weeks since you paid for your order, contact our Customer Service. We will do our best to resolve any issues you may have as soon as possible.

How are shipping fees calculated?

Shipping fees cover the cost of preparing your order for shipment, submitting your package to the postal service, and postage. These amounts depend on the destination and weight of the order.

I cannot use the bank card payment method. Why?

There are several possible reasons.

  • You are in a country where the "bank card" payment method is not offered. Is so, please choose another payment method.

  • Your account shows inconsistencies related to location (logins or payments from several different countries). As a security precaution, the "bank card" payment method is not available for your account. Please choose another payment method. 

  • One of your previous payments was disputed and canceled. Please contact Support to review your situation if that is the case.

Before purchasing, what are the requirements for paying by bank card ?

  • You must be the payment method holder. A parent or friend may exceptionally purchase a subscription for you, but only if you make this payment together. It is against the law and our Terms of Use to use a bank card without its owner's permission.

  • Make sure the account to be charged has sufficient funds and the card being used has not been blocked.

  • Check that the billing information on your Ankama account is correctly filled out and matches that of the bank card.

  • Know the secure payment authentication system your bank uses on your bank card.

To combat fraud, fraudulent payments are systematically identified and the accounts in question are sanctioned.

What are the requirements for finalizing payment? 

After validating your bank information on the Ankama payment page, you will be asked to use an enhanced authentication system by your bank (3DS) to provide greater security during the payment phase and more actively combat attempted fraud.

It consists of combining two independent authentication factors: 

  • information the customer knows (password, secret question, secret code, etc.),

  • something belonging to the customer (cell phone, connected device, token, smart card, etc.),

  • or something that distinguishes you (fingerprint, facial or voice recognition, iris recognition, etc.).

Following a new European directive (PSD2), from 03/31/2021, this security system will be enhanced (3DS2) by your bank for any order placed using a bank card within the European Economic Area (EEA).

 For any questions about the authentication system when purchasing, please contact your bank. This data is strictly confidential and only your bank can advise you.

If you keep encountering problems, please remember that we offer other payment methods (PayPal, Allopass, etc.) and our Support team is available to assist you!