Special Edition 15 years Anniversary 

15 years is something worth celebrating! For the occasion, Ankama Éditions's major classics are back as special limited editions. And they haven't aged a day!

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    About Ankama Éditions

    Ankama Éditions sets itself apart with its eclectic catalog in which universes sometimes radically different from each other live side by side. DOFUS, WAKFU, Label 619, Radiant, and many more. In its graphic novels, mangas and novels, Ankama's editorial line has given birth to flamboyant heroes that are sometimes hardcore, often endearing, and always unique… They live in sometimes realistic, sometimes fantasy worlds, but they always have that "je ne sais quoi" that is so unique to Ankama's creations.


    About Ankama Éditions Special Editions

    Graphic novels, comics, adventures, thrillers, science fiction – for 15 years, Ankama Éditions has been satisfying everyone's tastes, with "entertainment" and "evasion" being the name of the game. For the occasion, ten of its major classics are getting a second wind with a series of special, limited edition reprints. Devoted fans and collectors alike are sure to be delighted!

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