Sons of Anarchy 

Label 619 is a collection of graphic novels and books inspired by modern contemporary pop universes, with a clear focus on urban culture.

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About Sons of Anarchy

In Charming, the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original is trying to maintain its notion of order and justice by managing the local businesses from the garage that serves as its cover. The daily life of Jax Teller and his "brothers" consists of settling scores, drinking sessions, smuggling weapons, and rolling in the hay. Previously unseen adventures in a graphic novel that fans of the TV series will love!

About the Authors

The Argentinian artist Damian Couceiro has worked for countless publications, including SoA, Planets of the Apes, and Cluster… He now works at BOOM! Studios.
Ed Brisson is the story writer of many series, including SoA (volumes 2 & 3) and Cluster at BOOM! Studios. He lives in Vancouver.
Jesús Hervás Millàn was born in Madrid in 1978. After studying graphic novels and cartoons, he created many different advertising illustrations. Then, in 2008, he started his own graphic novel project, volume 3 of the series Atlantide Experiment (published by Soleil Productions). Next, he worked with Nicolas Pona on the storyline for the series Déluge (Soleil Productions) and was involved in SoA volume 2.
Christopher Golden is a best-selling, award-winning American author whose favorite themes are horror, fantasy, and thrillers. He has also been involved in the creation of TV series, animated series, comics (SoA volume 1), and video game storylines.