Freaks' Squeele 

Label 619 is a collection of graphic novels and books inspired by modern contemporary pop universes, with a clear focus on urban culture.

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    About Freaks' Squeele

    In a world quite close to our own, imagine superheroes with legal status, a license to practice, and even universities to train in… It's the Freaks' Squeele graphic novel world! Welcome to FEAH University, where Chance, Xiong Mao, and Ombre are experiencing the joys of university life, ruthless competition among students, sadistic professors, and the stress of exams.
    With this now-cult series, volume 7 of which was released in 2016 at the same time as a collector's boxed set, Florent Maudoux and Label 619 offer you a new, unique look at the superhero universe: the age of your grandfather's masked vigilantes is over…

    About Florent Maudoux

    Born in 1979, Florent Maudoux studied cartooning at the Gobelins Ecole de l'Image. A fan of Hong Kong films, he draws his influences from the crossroads of manga, classic Italian art, and English illustrators of the 19th century. His experience as a 3D animator and story-boarder in the video game industry (Eden Games), then as an illustrator and figurine designer (Rackham) has developed his flair for the dramatic, attention to detail, and color palette. He put his qualities to good use in graphic novels, in particular Freaks' Squeele and DoggyBags (Label 619, Ankama Editions).

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