Maliki Novel - Complete 3-volume edition

Maliki Novel - Complete 3-volume edition

With her pink hair and pointy ears, Maliki has always felt a bit out of sync with others her age. But the real reason for that difference lies elsewhere, deep within her… Discover (or rediscover!) the adventures of this young woman with a dual personality, in a complete edition that includes all 3 volumes in the series. 

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This complete edition includes:

Volume 1:  L’autre fille du miroir

Maliki is a 13-year-old schoolgirl with a big secret. Her body is host to a supernatural creature. She'll have to learn to control this fascinating and disturbing presence, which endows her with strange powers…

Volume 2:  L’esprit empoisonné

Maliki is in high spirits. Life with Lady, her supernatural double, is going swimmingly. But she'll have to learn to be cautious and set limits for herself. It's tempting to use such great power… and to abuse it. She has to fight the impulse every day… Success is far from certain, and her actions could easily end up attracting attention!

Volume 3: Des milliers de murmures

Spring break is starting, and Maliki's life, which now includes a great group of friends, feels almost normal… But not for long! A thick, cold mist descends on the city, and its residents start acting more than a little strangely. Maliki and her friends will be forced to investigate, and what they find will shake up their lives more than they ever imagined…


Enter the dynamic and brightly colored universe of Maliki, a firmly manga-style graphic novel series about the everyday life and struggles of a young girl with a bubbly personality.

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Release Date29/06/2020
LanguageFrench version
Ankama Editions UniverseYoung adult
Dimensions13.5 x 20 cm per book
Type of bookNovels
Ankama Editions seriesMaliki
Complete editions, one shotComplete Editions


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