Tu mourras moins bête Volume 1: La science, c'est pas du cinéma


The best teacher you could have! If you've ever dreamed of holding a light saber or shrinking your kids, wake up: Movies are a bunch of baloney! Winner of the Book of the Year award at the 2011 Cyclone BD international book and graphic novel festival in Reunion Island.

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If you too don't want to die stupid, check out Tu mourras moins bête, the popular science blog in graphic novel form by Marion Montaigne, in which the famous Professor Moustache dissects the scientific nonsense in your favorite movies and TV shows. Science may not be the movies, but with Professor Moustache, it's a riot! Because the goal is to have learned a little and laughed a lot by the end of each article.

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Author(s)Marion Montaigne
Number of Pages256
Release Date22/09/2011
LanguageFrench version
Dimensions16.5 cm x 24.3 cm

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