La peur géante Volume 3: La Guerre des abysses


The year is 2157. Water no longer freezes on Earth. The polar ice caps suddenly melt in the space of a few days, unleashing worldwide floods that destroy over a third of all inhabited regions. As survivors of the first Wave, Bruno, Kou-Sien, and Pol join forces to fight for their lives against a new form of intelligence that has emerged from the depths: the Torpieds.

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The final confrontation is at hand: Having deciphered the Torpied language and developed the Medusa, a kind of submarine that can resist electrical attacks, Bruno's military team thinks they can reach the source of the flow that is scrambling the molecular structure of Earth's water and putting humanity at risk of complete extinction. This final strike against the Torpieds will be decisive, but it's a suicide mission from which most of them probably won't return…

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Author(s)Denis Lapière, Raùl Arnàiz, Stéphane Richard
Number of Pages56
Release Date26/02/2016
LanguageFrench version
UniverseLes Univers de Stefan Wul
Dimensions24 x 32 cm

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