DOFUS Volume 13: Baraka Royale


Is it by chance that the theme of volume 13 is fortune and misfortune? Finally out of the sewers, Dodge and Ejipe take off and drift toward a pirate city and its casino. A lucky sign for an Ecaflip in search of fortune? We wouldn't be so sure!

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A casino is an Ecaflip's dream! Except when the region's boss is none other than Baraka, a big spender holding all the cards and a confirmed lucky devil! Exact opposites, the two Ecaflips nevertheless seem to be strangely linked by their weapons: They each have a black and a white sword… It can't be a coincidence! Perhaps the blades haven't revealed all their secrets yet… At the same time, nothing's going right for Arty and Goultard who are still grappling with the demon Shadofang… The chips are down for our heroes!


Welcome to a lush universe with a mix of adventure, humor, and magic! There, you'll encounter terrible creatures and meet the most renowned warriors in the World of Twelve.

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Author(s)Tot, Ancestral Z, Mojojojo, Fulcanelli
Number of Pages224
Release Date20/05/2010
LanguageFrench version
Ankama Editions UniverseDofus
Dimensions11.5 x 18 cm
Type of bookManga
Ankama Editions seriesDofus Manga


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