Midnight Tales – Volume 3


Discover 4 new Midnight Tales centered around Japan: "Mokusatsu", story by Mathieu Bablet and illustrations by Baptiste Pagani; "Parasites", story by Elsa Bordier and illustrations by Thomas Rouzière; "Bâton de cendre", by Florent Maudoux; and "Les sœurs de Sélène", story by Mathieu Bablet and illustrations by The Neb Studio. And of course, a short story by Isabelle Bauthian: "Cinq versets d'Aizu". Free bookplate signed by Mathieu Bablet for the first 100 orders.*

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"Mokusatsu" dips into the hellish day of August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima. Three airplanes transporting American Midnight Girls are about to open a magical portal. The goal is to extract a demon from hell and strike the city hard enough that the country will capitulate… Ellipsis.

Also set in Hiroshima, in 1970, "Parasites" looks at the forced retirement of Makoto, a war hero on that infamous August 6. Suffering from depression, she lives with her adoptive daughter, Kyoko, who will in turn be faced with the difficult responsibilities that come with being a Midnight Girl.

Decades later, "Bâton de cendre" plunges us back into the terrible year of 2011 that upset so many Japanese certainties, including those of Sakura, a young woman in Tokyo who had until then been pursuing her career on her own terms despite her age and the social pressure to marry. But on March 11, a giant tsunami woke a demon deep beneath the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Her Midnight Girl past is behind her, but can she really ignore her duty?

Finally, we come to Hashima Island in 2018 where, in "Les Soeurs de Sélène", we'll run into the hooded women in white masks that we encountered in volumes 1 and 2 again. Who are they really and why are they opposed to the Order of Midnight?

This Japan special volume has much to reveal…


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Label 619

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Author(s)Bablet, Elsa Bordier, Florent Maudoux
Illustrator(s)The Neb Studio, Thomas Rouzière, Florent Maudoux, Baptiste Pagani
Number of Pages136
Release Date24/05/2019
LanguageFrench version
UniverseLabel 619
Dimensions17 x 25 cm

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