DoggyBags Volume 17


DoggyBags takes a final bow! This seventeenth and final issue features 3 stories that take us to the outer limits of madness: "De Monocerote", "Birds of a Leather" and "Tenere".

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"De Monocerote", by Nikho: We follow the winding path of a unicorn's horn with magical powers through medieval Europe, leaving discord and misfortune in its wake.


"Birds of a Leather", by Florent Maudoux and Allanva: Helen is a maneater. When she puts on her furs, she's the queen of the jungle at all the fashionable galas. But within her kingdom, one person's gaze is filled with disdain: her stepdaughter's. Helen becomes obsessed with the idea of outdoing her, of embodying the ultimate Ideal, even if it means taking the expression literally.


"Tenere", by Diego Royer and Petit Rapace: A French family finds themselves lost in the middle of the desert in Mali, despite their experienced guide. And as things go from bad to worse, they are followed by Touaregs, whom the guide seems to fear more than anything else.

Label 619

Discover a collection of graphic novels and books inspired by contemporary pop universes, with a clear focus on urban culture.

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Author(s)Nikho, Florent Maudoux, Allanva, Diego Royer, Petit Rapace
Release Date21/05/2021
LanguageFrench version
Ankama Editions UniverseLabel 619
Type of bookGraphic Novel
Ankama Editions seriesDoggyBags


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