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    About the DOFUS Books

    Inspired by the video game's universe, the DOFUS books explore familiar and unexpected paths to tell fabulous sagas full of humor. If you're a fan of adventure games, you'll find everything you like; and if you don't know them, you'll still be able to enjoy the heroes and their adventures. The strength of the Krosmoz and transmedia is that each story is unique, yet they are all interconnected to offer you an immersive and complete narrative experience. Discover the DOFUS, Ogrest, and DOFUS Monster manga, the gamebooks where you're the master of the story, Kerub's novels, and many other graphic novels and artbooks in our shop!

    About the Authors

    There are many authors of the DOFUS books, and they themselves often have a history with Ankama or the game DOFUS itself. Anthony Roux, a.k.a. ToT, is the story writer of many literary works, notably the DOFUS manga; he is also best placed to talk about them, since he is the co-founder of Ankama and creator of the universe known as the Krosmoz. Ancestral Z, the long-time graphic artist for the DOFUS manga and much more for Ankama Editions, and Mojojojo, who focuses more specifically on scenery, are by his side.
    Bruno Martin is the author of the DOFUS novels: gamebooks where you're the master of the story. He knows the universe perfectly, since he's also a game designer for the DOFUS game.
    We should also mention Mig, a prolific graphic artist and author, since he has many works under his belt, including Ogrest and DOFUS Monster, and several WAKFU-related titles.
    Having deep ties to Ankama isn't a requirement for becoming an author in the DOFUS universe: Christophe Lambert, for example, a prolific writer in all genres (crime, adventure, fantasy, science-fiction) authored the collection DOFUS: Kerub's Bazaar, published by Bayard Jeunesse.

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