Arkeis - Base Game

Arkeis - Base Game


While exploring an Ancient Egyptian tomb, a team of archaeologists and adventurers stumble upon a mystery that history had forgotten.

To discover the truth, they'll have to go deeper and deeper into the pyramids, dodge deadly traps, and fend off hordes of monsters chasing them.

Has the old pharaoh cursed this expedition? Should some secrets remain hidden? It's up to you to finish this story.

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The desert is quivering at a rumor…

Echoes of ancient prophecies are filling forgotten temples. Inexplicable events are multiplying. Wild theories are springing up. Could an ancient civilization be awakening?

Determined to learn the truth, a group of intrepid archaeologists and adventurers have set off for Egypt on the trail of its mysteries. But perhaps some secrets should remain hidden…


Arkeis is a narrative and cooperative game with miniatures. In it, you explore ancient Egyptian ruins and try to uncover the secrets of a forgotten civilization.


You embody Explorers in quest of knowledge, fortune and glory. Team up to complete all the challenges in this cooperative game!


Arkeis is played as a campaign with a series of adventures called "episodes". Each one has its own story, mysteries and adversaries. Evolve your characters, acquire new abilities, discover items, and gain equipment.


The game contains:

  •      9 scenarios: 1 tutorial integrated into the story + 7 main stories + 1 prologue episode
  •      1 freeplay mode
  •      5 hero miniatures
  •      5 player boards
  •      45 monster miniatures
  •      7 modular 3D rooms
  •      9 door miniatures to link the rooms together
  •      9 double-sided scenery tiles
  •      3 token boards (Power, Reroll, Time, Search, Injury, Poison, Fate, Coin, XP, Door, Chain, Trapdoor, and Staircase)
  •      6 tuckboxes (5 backpacks and 1 mess hall)
  •      10 dice (5 fight dice + 5 inspection dice)
  •      1 expedition logbook
  •      1 camp archive (stickers)
  •      1 rulebook



Whether alone or as part of a team of explorers of Egypt and its mysteries, escape an unimaginable bestiary in this immersive game lasting over 30 hours.

More Info

Author(s)Kaedama (Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc, Théo Rivière)
IllustrationsAurore Folny, Goodname Digital Art Studio, Xavier Banteignie, Geoffrey Bire, Iosu Palacios Asenjo, Amandine Koni, Jiahui Eva Gao
Release DateJune 2023
LanguageFrench version
Dimensions31 x 21 x 31 cm
UniverseAnkama Boardgames


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