WAKFU Stories + Lance Dur expansion

WAKFU Stories + Lance Dur expansion


Become a master of narration and confusion as a member of a group of adventurers in this original board game. Whoever recounts the most glorious epic will be forever enshrined in legend! Exclusively in the Ankama Shop.

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WAKFU Stories: a board full of memories

In an inn somewhere in the World of Twelve, adventurers are telling tales of their past exploits. Before long, their memories get confused, and everyone wants to take all the credit for themselves…

Play as Yugo, Amalia, Percedal, Evangelyne or Ruel.

Take control of the narrative in this board game about recounting the most glorious epic.

Stretch, bend and completely trample the truth to keep the spotlight on you – after all, you're the one who deserves to be enshrined in legend!

Earn glory by linking your recollections with those of the other players. Some fit together more successfully than others, and they've got special characteristics to trigger their narrative potential!

Starting to feel like you're not the main character in the story any more? Throw in a clever rewrite or point out the inconsistencies in your opponents' tales! There's only room for one great hero or heroine in this adventure!



5 Hero cards, 25 Memory tokens (5 per player), 1 Portal token, 111 Recollection cards (37 Adventure, 37 Battle, 37 Social), 18 Conclusion cards, 23 Incident cards, 1 First Player card, 5 Game Help cards, 6 Clever Rewrite cards, 85 Glory tokens (40 "1" tokens, 20 "5" tokens, 25 "10" tokens), 35 Bamboo Milk tokens (25 "1" tokens, 10 "3" tokens).


Lance Dur Expansion

If any adventurers have truly seen and experienced it all, it's this crew! Join Lance Dur, Biste, Midge, Shay and Agard in this expansion dominated by the looming shadow of Cire Momore. Warning! You must own the WAKFU Stories base game in order to play this expansion. Contains new characters, new Recollection, Incident and Conclusion cards, and the Cire Momore Plot Twist card and Cire Momore's Treasure cards.



5 Hero cards, 25 Memory tokens (5 per player), 30 Recollection cards (10 Adventure, 10 Battle, 10 Social), 6 Incident cards, 3 Conclusion cards, 1 Cire Momore Plot Twist card, 5 Flower tokens and 3 Cire Momore's Prohibition tokens, 30 Cire Momore's Treasure cards (12 "2" Gems, 6 "3" Gems, 2 "6" Gems, and 10 Cire Momore cards).


New territories, new creatures, and still as many heroes: Rediscover the World of Twelve in a whole new light, transformed by Ogrest's Chaos!

More Info

Author(s)Gael Baurens
IllustrationsPaul Mafayon
Release DateJune 2023
LanguageFrench version
UniverseAnkama Boardgames



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