Treasures of Cibola


Looter or explorer, you're not entirely sure why you're here. What is sure, however, is that this Mayan temple is full of treasures – and about to collapse! Now, it's everyone for themselves! Amass as many treasures as you can, taking into account their value. But watch out! You and the other players constantly change their value throughout the game… Are you ready for this break-neck race for treasure?

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Looting a Mayan temple is no easy task when the competition is fierce. Every turn, you choose how many explorers head out. Manage your team and send them out after what you think are the most valuable treasures. But be careful! Treasure values are highly unstable in these parts… as are the temple walls!

Discover an exciting and very interactive board game full of twists and turns in which your only down time is at the end!

Staying alive is one thing but staying alive and getting rich is even better.

Game Components: 

  •          32 Treasure cards
  •          24 Explorer meeples
  •          10 Totem cards
  •          1 Temple board
  •          13 Rock tiles
  •          1 Torch token

Game Info:

  •          Number of Players: 2 to 4 players
  •          Game Length: 15 minutes
  •          Ages: 8 and up

More Info

Author(s)Romaric Galonnier
IllustrationsJoachim Leclercq
Release Date12/09/2019
LanguageFrench version
UniverseAnkama Boardgames


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