Terminus 1 - Complete 2-volume edition

Adapted from a novel by Stephane Wul, Terminus 1 takes you on an interstellar treasure hunt. Plunge into a science-fiction tale in which our hero Julius' survival will depend on the flying monkeys, hairy cannibals and tree-men who inhabit the world around him.

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Stung by a swarm of telepathic insects during a visit to a faraway planet, Julius can read people's thoughts. He uses his gift to get by as a two-bit con artist… One night, on the run from the angry losers of a card game gone wrong, he winds up seeking refuge with an old acquaintance named Marje. A former leader and flamboyant adventurer with a shady past, she offers him a dangerous but lucrative mission: a treasure hunt in the spaceship graveyard on the planet Walden…

This complete edition includes:

  • Terminus 1 Volume 1: L’Homme à la valise
  • Terminus 1 Volume 2: Le Fruit défendu

More Info

Author(s)Serge Le Tendre, Jean-Michel Ponzio
Release Date29/06/2020
LanguageFrench version
Ankama Editions UniverseLes Univers de Stefan Wul
Dimensions24 x 32 cm per book
Type of bookGraphic Novel
Ankama Editions seriesTerminus 1
Complete editions, one shotComplete Editions


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