Midnight Tales: Season 1 – Complete Edition (4 volumes)

After DoggyBags, Label 619 offers Midnight Tales, a collection of self-contained stories that introduce you to the guardians of the Order of Midnight…

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A blend of witchcraft and horror, these short stories are set all over the world. The heroines of Midnight Tales have a shared mythology, fighting the forces of darkness and evil spirits within the Order of Midnight, a secret organization that prevents them from living a normal life. Who knows, maybe their paths will cross?

Volume 1

"The Last Dance" by Guillaume Singelin and Mathieu Bablet; "Samsara" by Sourya and Mathieu Bablet; "Nightmare from  the Shore" by Mathieu Bablet; and "Devil's Garden" by Gax and Mathieu Bablet

Volume 2

"Witch O' Winchester" by Florent Maudoux and Mathieu Bablet; "L'Etrange Cas de M. Bartholomew" by Da Coffee Time and Mathieu Bablet; "L'Amulette" by Mathieu Bablet; and "Devil's Garden  #2" by Mathilde Kitteh and Mathieu Bablet


Volume 3

"Mokusatsu" by Baptiste Pagani and Mathieu Bablet; "Parasites" by Thomas Rouzières and Elsa Bordier; "Bâton de Cendre" by Florent Maudoux; and "Les Sœurs de Sélène" by The Neb Studio and Mathieu Bablet

Volume 4

"Kiriarchie" by The Neb Studio; "Maymaygwashi" by Loïc Sécheresse and Clément Rizzo; "Zoltar le Magnifique" by Neyef and Mathieu Bablet; and "Devil's Garden  #3" by Thomas Gilbert and Mathieu Bablet


Label 619

Discover a collection of graphic novels and books inspired by contemporary pop universes, with a clear focus on urban culture.

More Info

Author(s)Bablet, Singelin, Sourya, Gax, Maudoux, Da Coffee Time, Kitteh, Pagani, Rouzières, Bordier, The Neb Studio, Sécheresse, Rizzo, Neyef, Gilbert
Release Date30/06/2020
Ankama Editions UniverseLabel 619
Dimensions17 x 25 cm per book
Type of bookGraphic Novel
Ankama Editions seriesMidnight Tales
Complete editions, one shotComplete Editions


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