Label 619 is a collection of graphic novels and books inspired by modern contemporary pop universes, with a clear focus on urban culture.

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    About Mutafukaz

    Label 619's flagship series, Mutafukaz is inspired by '50s sci-fi combined with contemporary elements such as hip hop and wrestling. This cocktail gives the graphic novel a dark and paranoid but always fun and offbeat atmosphere.
    Written and drawn by Run, the hero of Mutafukaz is Angelino, a young loser like thousands of others in Dark Meat City… His everyday life drones on until an ordinary scooter accident. Ordinary? Not exactly, because Angelino will soon be swallowed by an avalanche of unimaginable trouble!
    The five-volume series has been turned into an animated feature film.

    About Run

    Run is the Label 619 managing editor. A graphic artist and illustrator, he has developed the inspiration he derives from the golden age of sci-fi, Z movies, and popular Latino culture into his own universe. Artistic direction in a multimedia agency, advertising projects for industry giants (Warner Music, Sony Music, etc.), then in 2004, he joined the Semperfi collective of graphic artists. He then specialized in video production, and refined his graphic universe. Run came to Ankama Editions in 2006, and launched Label 619 in 2009. He provides the authors he signs with editorial guidance and works on his own graphic novel series, Mutafukaz, which he has adapted into an animated feature film.

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